Towns which are not occupied by enemy and have some recruit count for your side can provide recruits. Recruits represent potential fighters, not existant units.
Recruits can be turned into fighters at camps given certain conditions.

Table of contents

  1. Recruitment Rate
  2. Turning Recruits into Fighters
  3. Giving Orders
    1. Types of Orders
      1. Split
    2. Move
      1. Reinforce
      2. Attack
  4. Player Group

Recruitment Rate

Recruitment rate is explained in Towns page.

Turning Recruits into Fighters

This can be done only at camps, outposts, bases and airfields.
There must be an Arsenal attached to the location, with appropriate weapons available.
There must be enough housing available at the location for the new fighters. This can be provided by nearby houses, or by building tents.
The number of recruits available at the location is determined by the total of all the towns in its recruitment radius. Recruitment radis is shown with a circle when you select your camp/outpost/etc on the map. Once all these conditions are met you can enlist fighters to your cause.

Giving Orders

Once you have a new batch of fighters you can give them orders.
The fighters will start off in the garrison attached to the location you have enlisted them at.
Beware that if you give an order to that garrison it will cause the abandonment of the location.
Instead you should first split the garrison, leaving some of your fighters as defenders.

To give an order you simply click on the garrison on in the map, and the order list will appear.

Types of Orders


This is not an order as such, it will simply split a single garrison into two, based on the composition your specify.
The original garrison will continue with its previously assigned order, and the new one will be idle until given an order.


This will order the garrison to move to the location you specified, with no special behavior upon arrival.


This covers joining existing garrisons, and occupying locations without an existing garrison.
The garrison will go directly to the target and merge with it (if its a garrison), or occupy it (if its a location).


This will send the garrison to a specific location to clean up any enemies that are found there.
If travelling in vehicles the garrison will dismount some distance away from the target position and proceed on foot.
The garrison will search the area in a random pattern looking for enemies for a period of time, before idling once it is satisfied no enemies are present.

Player Group

You can order fighters to join your own group: just approach them and use the scroll menu to add an individual, or a whole group.
If you die (and are the only player in the group), the fighters will form their own garrison where you left them. You can then give orders to this garrison as per the Giving Orders section above.