Intel is the central part of your success against enemy actions. You can get intel about any type of future or active action of your enemy.

Table of contents

  1. Types of Intel
  2. When is Intel updated
  3. Where Intel is Displayed
  4. Ways of Getting intel
    1. Talking to Civilians
    2. Interception through Civilians
    3. Enemy Tactical Tablets
    4. Interception through Radio

Types of Intel

There are two types of intel: intel about amount of enemy forces at outposts and intel about future enemy actions.

When is Intel updated

The intel about enemy forces at outposts is always old. It is only updated in several cases. It is updated when you observe your location yourself (or any unit of your side). It can also be updated by picking up enemy tactical tablets.

Intel about enemy actions, on the other hand, is always synchronized with you if you have discovered it, for gameplay reasons (otherwise you might have to spend time waiting for a convoy which was terminated). So, if enemy changes its plan and decides that it no longer needs to dispatch that QRF, convoy, attack, etc, you this intel will be listed as ‘Ended’.

Where Intel is Displayed

Intel is shown on the map UI. You can sort it by type or by date. You can also filter intel about actions which are active, inactive or ended.

Ways of Getting intel

There are active and passive ways of getting intel.

Talking to Civilians

As described at Civilians page, they can often share intel with you through dialogues.

Interception through Civilians

If city influence is high enough, the intel about planned enemy actions overheared by them will be relayed to your side instantly, so you don’t have to talk to civilians.

Enemy Tactical Tablets

Enemy soldiers often have tactical tablet inventory items in their uniform, containing intel about their current action, nearby locations, including the place where they were dispatched from, andorders of nearby enemy squads.

Interception through Radio

This is hardest way to get intel, but it always works reliable once conditions are meant, regardless of city influence.

There is a number of antenna-type objects, which, if present at your camp/outpost/etc, can intercept enemy intel within 4.5km range. But in order for interception to happen, you must find enemy radio cryptokeys first. They can be only found in enemy tablets. After you have found the cryptokey, it is copied to your ‘Notes’ tab in the main menu. You have to activate that cryptokey later at any radio you have through an action. Keys are instantly shared between all places you own. Enemy does not change cryptokeys you have already discovered. Each key is assigned to square of 5x5km size. Only radio you can build yourself is a radio shack.