Frequently Asked Questions


What mods are incompatible?

All AI mods are incompatible, for instance VCOM AI, LAMBS danger.fsm, etc. Only exception is mods which do not make bots steal vehicles and do not change their weaypoints (for instance, LAMBS suppression). Anyway we didn’t test all AI mod combinations, so if you play with any AI mods, AI behaviour can break, for instance patrols might become alerted at enemies multiple kilometers away and run away from outposts, and so on.

What mods do I need to play with a specific faction?

All build in factions are listed here

Addon factions are listed here

Gameplay and current features

How do we claim a location?

Press U, strategic tab, there should be ‘claim’ button.

I can not enter military vehicles, why?

You must lockpick them first. It is done through ACE interaction menu, with Lockpick vehicle action. You must have a lockpick item in your inventory, but it is always added to uniform at respawn.

How do I open build menu?

You must be at an owned location, indicated at the top of the screen, then use mouse wheel (action) menu option.

What is “attach to garrison” for?

Use it to manually take “ownership” of a vehicle. It must be used at an owned location. Use it on crates that contain building resources to gain access to them in the build menu. Normally all items will be automatically attached to the nearest garrison.

Are there any air units in the mission?

Enemies can use only attack helicopters now. But you can not fly them.

Can I fly helicopters?

No, you can’t. They are too powerful and until ammunition management or proper anti-air is implemented, you can not fly them.

Can I unlock items in the Arsenal?

You can’t, it is fully limited. However if you want to have more loot in ammo crates, you can increase it through addon options.

How do I get building resources?

From ammoboxes found in enemy police stations and military locations, and from supply convoys. Also civilians can give you the build resources through dialogue in cities with high enough influence.

How do I play the mission in singleplayer?

You can play it in singleplayer through SP Scenarios tab in the main menu. But it is not well tested. Dedicated MP is best, self hosted MP is second best.

How can I holster my pistol?

Press 0 (zero key) to use the ACE holster weapon action.

Do enemy crates respawn after I steal them?


Where are the APCs/Tanks/MLRS?

Heavier vehicles appear as you make more campaign progress. When this happens is also dependant on difficulty settings: at high difficulty tanks appear almost immediately, and low they will not appear until much later.


How can I open Zeus interface?

You can use ACE Zeus feature. Make sure it is setup correctly, for that go to eskape/Addon Options/ACE Zeus and enable it there. After that you can access Zeus by using ACE self interaction/Create Zeus button, and pressing Y after that. Northen made a handy video:

Are vehicles created with Zeus saved?

No they are not saved.

Is it possible to save vehicles created with Zeus by running extra code in console or other methods?

No, because our framework is based on strict enumeration of unit types, therefore it can only operate with units created by our own framework.

Is it likely that this problem will be solved in the future versions?

No, it is very unlikely.

Future features

Will there be money, economics, or factories to build vehicles or weapons?

No, features of this kind are totally not in our plan.

But another mod/scenario has a feature …

We don’t aim to have as many features as possible. Our main focus is the military part of the game.


Is there Headless Client Support?

No now because it would require large scale code changes.

Where are the saved games stored?

If you are not using FileXT addon, they are stored in the vars.arma3profile file (see reporting-a-problem)

Where do I find the .RPT file?

Paste in explorer: %LOCALAPPDATA%/Arma 3 (see reporting-a-problem)

Common issues

I can’t find the mission in game

Host a MP game: Screenshot If it’s not there, make sure you’ve loaded CBA and ACE. See troubleshooting.

Friendly or enemy AIs are misbehaving or stuck

If you want to report AI errors, you need to use the built-in AI debugging interface. To do that, open Zeus interface, and find ‘AI debug UI’ button at the top-right. It is only available to admins. See the screenshots below for further instructions. Send us screenshots of the situation with the debugging menu enabled with as much data as possible.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4

Other questions


When it’s done

How often?

As often as it’s done