Each town has a local population who you will encounter going about their business.
You can interact with them, and perhaps find out something interesting, or attempt to light the flame of rebellion in their hearts.
It is even rumored some among them are great philosphers, whose wisdom might change your life!

Table of contents

  1. Civilian Dialogues and Interactions
    1. Ask About Military Locations
    2. Ask About Enemy Activities
    3. Ask For Build Supplies
    4. Instigate
    5. Freeing Civilians

Civilian Dialogues and Interactions

Ask About Military Locations

Civilians will know about nearby locations through word of mouth, or personal experience.
Certainly all will know if the town has a police station, and most will know about military locations within a few km of the town.

Ask About Enemy Activities

Civilians are often informed about future actions planned by the local military force. They have friends serving there, and in a cituation like this the information spreads fast. The more influence you have, the more likely that they will willingly share that information with you.

Ask For Build Supplies

If the city has high enough influence, some civilians will share some build supplies with you.


You should always make sure the civilians are aware of the struggle, you will find they are just waiting for an invitation to support your cause.
This will help to increase the your influence on this city.

Freeing Civilians

Agitated civilians are often captured by the local police or by the army occupying this place. Freeing them increases your influence on the city.