Camps function as a base of operations through the early part of the game.
They allow the stockpiling of arms (via the Arsenal), the recruitment of fighters, and the construction of various useful buildings.

Table of contents

  1. Where to Make Camps
  2. Making New Camps
  3. How to Store Gear at a Camp
  4. Infantry capacity

Where to Make Camps

Camps should be difficult for enemy patrols to stumble over.
Ideally far from main roads, and behind cover.
However the recruitment possibilities of a camp are determined by the recruits available in the towns that fall within its recruitment radius.
Therefore you must choose the trade off between discoverability and recruitment potential for each camp.

Making New Camps

Camps require building resources to construct.
Once you have found a suitable location, ensure you have building resources in your backpack, and open the Vindicta menu.
Creating the camp is done on the Strategic tab.
Once created, a small pile of various gear will appear at your feet to indicate the new camp position.
It will disappear the next time you load the campaign, but the camp location will remain.

How to Store Gear at a Camp

The best solution for this is the Arsenal. It has infinite capacity, and an interface for changing, saving and loading loadouts.
These can be built through the Storage category in the Build UI.
Inventories of crates and vehicles will also be saved, so these can be used if needed.

Infantry capacity

Camps, as well as all outposts you can capture, have a fixed infantry capacity. You can not recruit more soldiers if the infantry capacity at this place has been reached. The only way to increase this capacity is by building more tents through the build menu. See Build UI page.

When you create a new camp, all buildings within camp radius are automatically added to it, increasing camp’s infantry capacity. It is very benefitial to create camps next to some abandoned buildings.