Towns should be the main focus of your activities, as the success of the revolution depends on the consent of the civilian population.

Table of contents

  1. Influence
  2. City state (Neutral, Friendly control, Enemy control)
  3. Occupying a town
  4. Recruit count
  5. Enemy recruitment
  6. Strategy


Towns have influence value.

Influence ranges from -100% to +100%. Positive means that rebels have influence over this town, negative means that enemy forces have influence over this town.

Friendly influence can be increased by:

  • Releasing captive civilians
  • Inciting civilians through dialogues
  • Killing enemy soldiers near town
  • Destroying enemy vehicles near town

Enemy influence increases when:

  • Civilians are killed
  • Civilian vehicles are destroyed
  • Friendly forces are killed near town

Influence of a side increases with time if that side occupies a town.

If a town is not occupied by any side, enemy influence slowly increases over time.

City state (Neutral, Friendly control, Enemy control)

Towns have three states shown on the map UI:

  • Friendly control - there are more friendly armed forces in city than enemies. See ‘Occupying a town’ to learn how to occupy a city.
  • Enemy control - there are more enemy armed forces in city than friendlies. Enemies will try to occupy towns as well.
  • Neutral - there are no friendly armed forces and no enemy armed forces in the city.

Occupying a town

Town is occupied when a garrison is attached to it. Claiming a local police station is not sufficient. Occupying town gives benefits:

  • Influence slowly increases without any need to agitate civilians yourself.
  • Recruitment rate increases.
  • Maximum recruit count increases.

Recruit count

Towns have separate values for friendly and enemy recruit count. Recruit count of a side grows proportionally with influence value. Recruit count can’t be bigger than a certain value, which is bigger for bigger cities.

Enemy recruitment

Enemy commander will refill its manpower only by recruiting civilians from towns. Enemies can recruit soldiers at airports, outposts and bases. Soldiers are recruited from cities further away from war zone, if possible.


It’s crucial to hold cities from enemy influence to maintain soldier income.