Quick Start


See Setup Guide for more detailed instructions.

For Dedicated Server

Vindicta is installed as a mod only, simply install and enable the mod (and its dependencies) and the mission will be available. Consult the dedicated server setup page for more information.

For Local Hosting or Single Player

Just subscribe to the mod and dependencies (ace and cba) on the Steam Workshop page (linked above), and enable them in the launcher. To self host just start a server through the MP menu. To play single player just look for the mission in the SP mission list (note: playing on dedicated server or locally hosted multiplayer is recommended over single player).

Starting a New Game

This video shows hosting a local server and creating a new campaign:

  1. Wait for the mission to load
  2. Configure Vindicta settings
  3. Press the U button to bring up the menu
  4. Select CREATE
  5. Specify a CAMPAIGN NAME
  6. Select FACTIONS – you must have appropriate mods installed or you will get an error
  7. Optionally change INITIAL ENEMY % – this specifies how populated the initially held military positions will be
  8. Click START
  9. Wait for the initialization process to complete – this can take a minute or two
  10. You should now be able to select the initial spawn point (an orange box) to spawn at.

Difficulty and performance settings

There are lots of useful settings you can apply. Navigate to escape menu -> addon options -> Vindicta -> Server.

Save System

Vindicta does not use the standard Arma 3 save system, instead it has a custom one.
Access this through the U menu.
The save data is stored in the profiles .vars. file, see Where is my save file? to locate it.
You are limited to 6 saves currently (each one bloats the .vars. file considerably, which in turn slows down Arma 3 startup time more considerably).
You should consider backing up your .vars. file as regularly as you can, certainly before running Arma 3 after a new steam update has been installed.

Some Tips Before You Start

Pay attention to your undercover monitor



This will warn you if your actions or appearence are drawing suspicion. Bear in mind that some things might not be considered suspicious unless you are being observed directly.

Experiment with ACE interactions

ACE Interaction Guide. These can allow you to use the medical system, perform vehicle repairs (and “unrepairs”), carry things like boxes and weapons, and load them into vehicles.

Don’t Underestimate the Enemy Commander

He will learn about your movements, and be ruthless in punishing your mistakes. If he finds your secret hide out, he won’t just “forget about it”, he will attack it until either you leave, he wins, or he can no longer send enough forces to have a good chance at victory.

Logistics Are Logical

If you destroy the enemies trucks he will have to go on foot, if you block a route he will have to take another, if you kill a man he is dead.

Pay Attention To Intel

Knowledge is power – you can learn of locations, and catch wind of enemy movements hours before they happen, giving you the chance to evade, intercept, or ambush.

Your First Day

Your first main task should be to create a hidden camp where you can start to build your strength.
To build a camp you need building supplies. The easiest early source of these is police stations, which you will find in most towns.
You should try talking to the locals to find out what they know, they will be able to tell you if there is a police station in the town.

The police station will be guarded, so if you can find some means to distract the local police that might make things easier.
You will need to load your supplies on to something, so you should secure a vehicle (a civilian one unless you want a fight).

Once you have your supplies you should try to escape the area and find somewhere secure and out of the way to set up your first camp.

The enemy patrols roads and towns, and has outposts and bases everywhere. Although you may find an abandoned base, the enemy didn’t forget about it, they just haven’t occupied it yet. If you squat in one of these you can expect a fight at some point.

Your Second Day

A revolution needs revolutionaries. The more unstable a town, the more of its citizens will join your cause. You can see the rate of recruitment, and the total available when you select a town on the map. You can turn those recruits into armed revolutionaries at any camp within range of the city, that has weapons to arm them with (an Arsenal with some appropriate weapns), and space for them to sleep (nearby buildings, or tents).

The new units will be available to give orders to via the map. All the units will be assigned to the camp garrison by default. If you want to send them somewhere you should first split the garrison into two, leaving one part behind to hold them camp. If you do not then the camp will become abandoned, and the leaving garrison will take everything with them that they can carry or drive.

Useful targets for a new garrison are liberated towns. Holding the town will help secure it against suppressive actions by the enemy, and will increase the recruitment rate by 50%.