Suspicion is a measure of how enemies view you.
Actions, appearences, and locations have levels of suspicion associated with them.
The suspicion is cumulative, meaning that if you are performing a suspicious action, while in a suspicious location, you will be subject to the sum of the suspicion of them both.
Suspicion can change rapidly or over time, depending on the cause.

Table of contents

  1. Suspicion States
    1. Undercover
    2. Suspicious
    3. Overt
  2. Sources of Suspicion
    1. Actions
    2. Appearences
    3. Locations

Suspicion States


While suspicion remains below 50% you will be undercover. In this state enemies will ignore you entirely.


When suspicion is above 50% but below 100% you will be suspicious. Enemies may try to arrest you when you are in this state.


When suspicion hits 100% you will become overt. Enemies will shoot you on sight.

Sources of Suspicion


Suspicious actions include:

  • Discussing “sensitive” matters with civilians.
  • Running


Suspicion is highly influenced by appearence.
Suspicious appearence can be caused by:

  • A weapon of any kind (duh)
  • Military clothing of any kind
  • Military backpacks
  • Helmets
  • Driving military vehicles
  • Nightvision


This one is simple: being in military or police locations is suspicious. Being in them while driving is liable to get you immediately shot.