You can improve locations you hold by constructing various different kinds of structures at them.
This requires construction resources, either upon your person, or in the Arsenal at the location you are building.

Table of contents

  1. How to Start Building
    1. Building Something New
    2. Moving Something Already Built
    3. Deconstructing an Existing Object
  2. Building Categories

How to Start Building

To open the Build UI simply use the scroll wheel at a location you hold.
It will give the option of building from the location, and/or from your inventory.
Which one you choose determines where build resources are taken from.

Building Something New

  1. Select an item you want to build
  2. Use the standard look controls combined with the object rotate controls (the UI displays the keys) to position the ghost item where you want to build it
  3. Press the confirm button to place the building

Moving Something Already Built

  1. Close the build category if it is open (the carousel)
  2. Look at an object you previously built, it should show an indication that it is the currently targeted object.
  3. Press the confirm button to pick up the object
  4. Move and place the object again in the same manner as with new objects

Deconstructing an Existing Object


Building Categories